Prevention & Wellness

Wellness and Prevention
Foundations of Health Membership featuring unlimited chiropractic and more...

Pain, Injuries, & Therapy

Injury and Pain
Physical Therapy can be used independently or coordinated with other services like chiropractic or other natural services.

Health Recovery

Healthy Recovery
It can be frustrating when something is wrong with your health. For those wanting to take control, we can be the coach in your corner.
Bonface O.
"I was experiencing painful headaches everyday for 9 months.  But since I have been coming to Evergreen Health Clinics, I have had NO headaches"
Bonface O. - Kuna, ID
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By Matt Hales

Many of the clients I work with have been treated with functional medicine in the past. It should be no surprise that one question I get is about how herbalism is different. Some people think that because herbalism and functional medicine both use natural substances that they are essentially the same. Although functional medicine providers might use herbs from time to time, and herbalists may recommend some supplements, the training and approaches are very different.

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