Does Your Child Have One of the 4 A’s?

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Allergies, Autism, ADHD, or Asthma: What do these all have in common?

A failure to adapt.

In particular, a failure to adapt emotionally, physically, or chemically to what is going on around them and in their environment. We can point the finger at genetics, birth trauma, immature development, and a host of unknown factors. But, really.. what is that going to get us. And what I mean is, what is that going to get your child right now. Your child may need help. Academic discussions and further ‘enlightened’ musings of what has caused these situations are going to do little in the here and now. If you are a person of action then keep reading.

What controls your ability to adapt?

If you are thinking your brain, you are right. How does it accomplish this? If you are thinking of the superhighway of nerves feeding information in and out, you would be correct again. Does your child’s body have the ability to correct or at least improve its ability to adapt? Of course, it does! That is how it ‘outgrows’ some of these problems. The brain can learn to adapt better, just as it can learn to read. It just needs the right kind of stimulation and a program to follow.

But just like learning to read, if you do nothing it is less likely to happen.

Many chiropractors (not all) are specially trained to evaluate and remove obstacles to the body's inherent ability to adapt by correcting interference to the nervous system. But some go beyond this, to training in proactive pediatric care. Getting started off on the right foot can change the entire direction of your child’s life. A small correction early on far outweighs an enormous effort later in life. An even smaller number of physicians have learned to integrate nature's solutions (Essential Oils) into this type of care to further aid your loved one. If your child has one of the 4 A’s (Autism, Allergies, Asthma, or ADD) and you are looking for something other than the next round of medication to suppress the symptoms, please consider having them seen in our office by any of our qualified doctors. True healing is not an event (such as a magic cure), it is a guided growth process.

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