Heal Faster and Avoid Long-Term Consequences After an Accident

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If you get in an auto accident, there are so many things to think about. How long will it take to get my vehicle fixed? What if I miss work? How will this affect me financially? Will I have to miss work? Will my insurance rates go up? It can be a little traumatic to start driving again too.

What if you are injured?

Do you need a chiropractor? How does physical therapy help? Is massage therapy covered? These are real decisions that people involved in auto accidents are asking every day. It’s hard to know as a patient what kind of care is going to help you the most.

Even injuries that seem minor and heal on their own can have lasting consequences if allowed to heal improperly. This can alter the function of movement that won’t always be noticed until long-term damage has occurred.

Your Options

Many people start with a chiropractor, and for good reason. Chiropractic will ensure your body is aligned properly, giving it a chance to heal. Chiropractors can competently perform some of the same procedures that a physical therapist can, and undoubtedly will after an auto accident. But what if you need more intense physical therapy? You may not get referred out for better care if you are already receiving adequate care.

Physical therapists typically provide much more intensive musculoskeletal care than most chiropractors do. They are generally very hands-on, ensuring that you are doing the exercises properly and making regular modifications throughout your session. Because of the overlap in training with chiropractic, many physical therapists can perform some joint adjustments similar to a chiropractor.

Massage therapy is an excellent treatment modality after an auto accident. It can identify areas of stress and tension and focus on releasing those areas, allowing the body to recover. Massage is best suited for post-accident care when combined with the work of a chiropractor and physical therapist.

One important consideration is that chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists are specialists. While there is considerable overlap in their training and services, none of them can perform the others’ specialties as well as the specialists themselves.

So, how do you choose where to start?

It’s simple. Choose Evergreen Health Clinics.

At Evergreen, we have chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy in a single office.

Here’s what post-auto accident care looks like at Evergreen.

First, you meet with one of our staff who will explain to you how the financial process works. Typically, we will bill the insurance company of the at-fault company directly. If there’s a concern with payment, we have partner attorneys that we can recommend. If we can bill your insurance directly, or you are working with an attorney, there’s no out-of-pocket expense for you.

Next, you will be given an exam by one of our chiropractors and a physical therapist. Each will develop - and coordinate - a course of treatment. If massage therapy is indicated, it will be added to your plan. We document everything needed by the insurance company for your case.

This is the Evergreen difference. Why make the decision which provider to start with when you can get expert care coordinated from each of these specialties? Getting you better faster.

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