Herbalism & Herbal Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

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Want to learn more about herbalism? Wondering if herbal therapy is the best treatment option for your needs? Today we're answering some of the biggest and most important questions about this approach--including whether you should consider adding this approach to your overall healthcare regimen.

Common Questions About Herbal Therapy

For many patients, herbal therapy can feel like an unknown. It differs from conventional medicine in plenty of ways, which means it's likely less familiar to you--but that certainly doesn't mean it's less effective or that it's anything to worry about.

Here's a look at some of the herbalism questions we get most often:

What is an herb?

An herb is any one of a class of low-growing plants. These plants are often used to season your favorite dinner, but as it turns out, some also have medicinal qualities. They differ from prescription or over-the-counter medications in that those are made using synthetic chemicals, while herbal remedies strategically combine the natural benefits of plants to create medical benefits.

What do the terms herbalism and herbal therapy mean?

Herbalism is simply the study of herbs. When this study is put to work in the healthcare industry, it becomes herbal therapy: the use of herbs in protecting, maintaining, and nourishing the human body.

Is herbal therapy safe?

Although not everything with a "natural" label is necessarily safe, you can put your trust in herbal therapy. That's because we have expert herbalists and doctors researching the effects of each decision, working with you to determine what's right for your body, symptoms, and needs.

Is herbalism effective?

Herbalism can be effective for a wide variety of symptoms, from chronic illness to just feeling "off." It can work in tandem with conventional medicine to craft a holistic approach to your wellness regimen.


There's plenty to know about herbalism and herbal therapy. At Evergreen Health Clinics, we act as your guides through this and other healthcare options, helping you find the care your mind and body deserve.

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