Infants and Acid Reflux

Mother with baby newborn, skin to skin contact for healthy baby

A new mother once called me after a conversation with her sister, who was a patient in my office. Her sister had seen me adjusting as an infant and had mentioned this to her. Her baby was not eating and the doctors were considering putting her daughter on Prilosec for acid reflux. While I am fairly confident that killing the stomach acid of an infant will be effective in removing the symptoms, the question still remains: “Is it healthy to do so?” Stomach acid is required to absorb important nutrients.

If you reduce it, to cover up a symptom, you lower the baby’s ability to receive their nutrition. This doesn’t sound like a very good solution to me. A Medical Doctor might argue that it is the lesser of the two evils. I would argue, why accept the lesser of two evils with your children. Let's try to find the cause of the problem.

Physical – Chemical – Emotional


In the case of this new mother, it was determined that the baby’s head was twisted during the birthing process. She would not rotate her head to the right very well and looked uncomfortable when she did so. Although the digestive centers are located a little higher than the neck in an adult's brain, they are right under the top of the spine in an infant. If there are abnormal tension patterns, it will affect your baby's digestion much like leaning on a crutch too long will make your arms numb. An adjustment was made (about the pressure you would put on your eyeball). After the second visit, the baby no longer had problems with reflux and was never required to take the medication.


Look at what they are eating. I am including a link to an article on If you are using formula (EVEN if it is organic -actually ESPECIALLY if it is organic) you need to read this article. CLICK HERE! Half way through the article you will read specific things about Infantile Acid Reflux and these “organic” formulas. Goes to show how even our best intentions can become corrupted by greed.

Also consider using Essential Oils, they can offer some comfort. A digestive calming blend can help. Call our office and we can give you some recommendations. You simply rub a few drops on your baby’s stomach. Not all essential oils are created equal. In fact, most contain solvents and chemicals I would not want on my child. So we only use pure and therapeutic essential oils. This way we can feel confident in using them even on our babies. We can help you navigate which oils meet this criteria.


Babies don’t feel stress any differently than you or I. They just can’t communicate it. If they seem fussy and not restful, try more skin-to-skin contact with mommy. Also, you can use Lavender, or a calming or stress-relieving blend to help them. You will probably find this helps with the reflux as well. I can virtually guarantee they will sleep better.

In short, it can be one or a combination of any of these things. Rarely is it ever just one. Do them all and see where you are at. In the vast majority of cases, medication can be avoided by simply being proactive and addressing the factors that can cause the problem.

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