Meet Sami!


Meet Sami Duerksen!,

Sami is the newest member of our team.  She is a KinesioTherapist/Exercise Physiologist and works in that department with Branden.  If you need help with pain, injury recovery, or increasing your mobility let one of the doctors know.  They will make sure you get set up with a visit. 

Just a reminder, our kinesiotherapy program is extremely affordable.  It is kind of like Physical Therapy except a bit more foundational.  KinesioTherapy is the process of improving healing through motion.

Visits are 30 minutes and usually only $40, but they can make a huge change on how you respond to your chiropractic.  It can also help fill in the gaps in improving your physical parts of your health.  We typically recommend 5 visits to make a change.

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