Muscle Pain is Not Normal

Woman with shoulder pain, isolated woman with red overlay on image for where her muscle pain is

You should not be living your life in pain. Being tough and telling yourself you can handle it has consequences.

So how do you fix this? For starters, you MUST stop managing it. Managing pain only 'kicks the can' down the road. It compounds the problem.

  • Pain causes your nervous system to think you are in a stressed state, even if you are not. This leads to all the problems a person in that state would experience. It's not fair - I know.

  • Ignoring pain allows your body to be further damaged. Pain is there to tell you that you have a problem. Just like ignoring your oil light will damage your car's engine, ignoring pain will have the same effect on you. Something to ponder - do you know a guy with a perfectly maintained car and an abused body?

  • Pain affects your mood. Grin and bear it will only get you so far. There are real changes that take place in the brain when you have been in pain for a period of time.

Just because something has been around for a long time, doesn't mean it is really hard to fix. It just means you have not been given the right solutions.

Is your muscle pain a physical problem, a chemical problem, or an emotional problem? This answer is most likely, YES. This is why you are having difficulty getting rid of it. You are probably throwing the 'kitchen sink' at one component and failing. Then try a different approach and failing again. The problem is no one has shown you how to integrate these solutions to fix the problem permanently. Since everyone is different, it is impossible to know what the right approach is without taking some time to get to know you.

Here are some things to consider in your road to recovery.

  1. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

    PEMF can help move fluid through your muscles. It also stimulates your cells to become more active, repair, and relax.

  2. Trigger Point Injections

    TPI breaks up adhesions that have built up in damaged muscles. These adhesions are the reason the trigger points (muscle knots) keep returning after you massage them out. This therapy is a game changer for someone who has struggled with tension and muscle pain for a long period of time. But, it also can help with new injuries. These treatments are provided by our medical staff and we make them comfortable to receive and more effective by using local anesthetic and natural anti-inflammatories.

  3. Muscle Therapy

    Sometimes simple solutions like foam rolling and therapeutic exercises when properly applied can fix your problem. Especially as part of a larger approach. Once you learn how to keep your muscles healthy, you can maintain them easily in how you live.

  4. Inflammation

    This can be a big one. How is your diet? Do you have excessive stress in your life? Has your body become toxic? Taking an anti-inflammatory is usually just hiding the problem which can grow rapidly. Some places to start looking are:

    • Functional Medicine
    • Ozone Therapy
    • Adrenal Support
    • and Emotional Management

The important thing to remember is that finding the right solutions is ALWAYS easier and less expensive than managing or ignoring a problem. Finding the right kind of provider can sometimes be a challenge. The future of our healthcare system will be a collaboration of providers in an effort to create sustainable health for you and your family.

Dr. Matthew Hales, Director of Clinical Services Evergreen Physical Medicine

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