Veterans Day 2021

Happy Veterans Day from the staff at Evergreen Health Clinics! Thank you for your service!

We would like to offer a free chiropractic treatment for our veterans. 

You DO NOT currently have to be a patient in our office - just call us at 208-895-8595 and we will get you on our schedule. Chelsy will quickly go over your basic information so she can get it to the doctors. We will get you adjusted and feeling better, free of charge. 

If you are a current patient, call in and let us know when you would like to come in so we can get you on the schedule.

In addition to getting your free chiropractic adjustment, Branden, our KinesioTherapist will offer you your choice of a muscle release (5 min myofascial therapy), or a session of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF). 

Check out our KinesioTherapy page if you would like to learn more about our program, myofascial therapy, or PEMF. 

We hope to see you soon!
Evergreen Health Clinics Staff

If you are not a veteran yourself, please share this with any that you do know.  We would love to offer them this free chiropractic adjustment and treatment from our KinesioTherapist as a "thank you" for their service. 

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