Why Have Only 1 in 7 Americans Seen a Chiropractor Recently?

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Nearly everyone knows about chiropractic for when back pain. According to a poll conducted in 2015 by Gallup, 57% of Americans are likely to visit a chiropractor for neck or back pain, but only 1 in 7 had actually seen a chiropractor in the last year.

We know that regular chiropractic improves health. Although studies on chiropractic are difficult to design - how does one deliver a fake adjustment as a control? - studies have suggested improvements well beyond the spine, in areas such as cognitive function, immune function, stress response, and more. It’s not surprising that the benefits of chiropractic would extend throughout the body because nerves emanate from the spinal cord to the various systems. Patients who are only getting adjusted when their neck or back hurts are missing the power of what we call Foundational Chiropractic at Evergreen Health Clinics. Foundational Chiropractic is regular adjustments, proactively, before they are feeling the symptoms of subluxation or misalignment.

So why aren’t more than 14% of people seeing a chiropractor in a given year?

The same poll found that 43% believe that chiropractic is too expensive.

Foundations of Health at Evergreen changes that

Our Foundations of Health program provides quicker, more efficient adjustments at a lower cost, making routine, wellness chiropractic within reach for most families! The adjustments are still performed by a doctor who can pause to take a deeper look if there is something of concern, and Evergreen can provide all the services that other chiropractic offices offer.

Evergreen Health Clinics is revolutionizing the way chiropractic is delivered.

For more information about how your family can benefit from Foundations of Health chiropractic, herbalism, and more, visit our FOH page. We also offer physical therapy, which can be powerful when combined with chiropractic, and often has better insurance coverage.

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