Veterans Day 2021

Active military personnel

Happy Veterans Day from the staff at Evergreen Health Clinics! Thank you for your service!

We would like to offer a free chiropractic treatment for our veterans. 

You DO NOT currently have to be a patient in our office - just call us at 208-895-8595 and we will get you on our schedule. Chelsy will quickly go over your basic information so she can get it to the doctors. We will get you adjusted and feeling better, free of charge. 

KinesioTherapy: The What and Why

Doctor physiotherapist assisting a male patient while giving exercising treatment massaging the arm of patient in a physio room, rehabilitation physiotherapy concept.

You may have noticed some recent changes to the clinic. We’re excited about what’s happening and want to share more details with you.

4 Ways Physical Therapy Improves Your Quality of Life

 Woman at physical therapy getting worked on.
Depending on your experiences and your point of reference, physical therapy may either sound like a miracle or a solution that's simply too good to be true. The truth, however, is that it's neither of those things. Physical therapy improves your life in certain measurable ways--no miracles necessary.

The Path to Affordable Healthcare

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When I first started my practice, I was motivated by the idea that I was going to help people make earlier and smarter decisions about their health. It was my valiant attempt to simplify and improve their healthcare experience. We actually ended up adding another dimension to their already busy and expensive lives.

Don’t get me wrong, we did a lot of good. But if I’m honest, we fell short of what I had envisioned—and what drove me to this path in the first place.

What to Expect From Physical Therapy

Physical therapist and patient exercise with dumbbell treatmen
Whether you've already decided physical therapy is the best path for you or you're still weighing your options, one thing's for sure: it helps to know exactly what to expect. To help make you as comfortable as possible the first time you walk through those doors--and every time thereafter--we've put together this guide for what to expect from physical therapy.

Physical Therapist vs. Chiropractor

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If you've got aches and pains, good news is on the way: There are two types of experts ready to help. Physical therapists and chiropractors are both known for treating body trouble, from a sore neck to injuries from serious accidents--but to decide which one is right for you, it's important to understand who these experts are, what they do, and how their approaches differ. Get ready to send your pain packing--here's what you need to know about physical therapy vs. visiting a chiropractor.

How Are Herbalism and Functional Medicine Different?

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Many of the clients I work with have been treated with functional medicine in the past. It should be no surprise that one question I get is about how herbalism is different. Some people think that because herbalism and functional medicine both use natural substances that they are essentially the same. Although functional medicine providers might use herbs from time to time, and herbalists may recommend some supplements, the training and approaches are very different.

Chronic Illness and Asking Different Questions

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Most people don’t understand how different herbalism is from conventional medicine. When you wonder which herbs might benefit your health, you’re probably thinking of addressing a symptom with an herb instead of a medication.

Why Have Only 1 in 7 Americans Seen a Chiropractor Recently?

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Nearly everyone knows about chiropractic for when back pain. According to a poll conducted in 2015 by Gallup, 57% of Americans are likely to visit a chiropractor for neck or back pain, but only 1 in 7 had actually seen a chiropractor in the last year.

When a Chronic Illness Isn't an Illness

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So often I meet with people who have had years of not feeling well. They have been through several medical doctors, including specialists. They have often met with other natural-minded providers such as naturopaths and functional medicine practitioners. They have had perhaps dozens of lab tests looking for medical conditions, deficiencies, DNA methylation, food sensitivities, parasites… and more. They have run dozens of tests, only to find out that there’s nothing medically wrong with you.

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