Why You Should Start With Physical Therapy

young physical therapist doctor working with woman patient on the ground, foam rollers, physical therapy session

Physical therapy is not commonly viewed as an initial treatment option when individuals are experiencing either acute or chronic pain and/or movement dysfunction. Most people initially seek care from a primary care provider. For example, if a person has acute back pain, they will likely go to their doctor, an urgent care, or an emergency department. The result of this encounter will likely result in a prescription for some form of anti-inflammatory and/or pain medication and they will almost always be told to rest the part that hurts.

Why You May Not Want to Boost Your Immune System

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One of the questions I’m frequently asked is, “what can I take to boost my immune system?”

There are some simple answers: elderberry, zinc, vitamin D. But, there's another question you should be asking: “do I want to boost my immune system?” A properly functioning immune system is vital for good health. So, why would you not want to boost your immune system? Let’s take a closer look at how your body fights infection.

Beating Back Pain Permanently

 cheerful parents laughing piggybacking little kids play in living room at home, no back pain for the parents

Recently I read an article from PubMed, which is an online medical study resource provided by the national institute of health. This particular study was comparing individuals with back pain to those without; correlating it to depression, anxiety, and suicide attempts. While it seemed pretty dramatic and almost alarming to suggest someone with back pain would be prone to suicide, it did bring to mind the length to which an unresolved problem can affect us.

2018 Comprehensive Psychology - Multiple types of somatic pain increase suicide attempts and depression

Muscle Pain is Not Normal

Woman with shoulder pain, isolated woman with red overlay on image for where her muscle pain is

You should not be living your life in pain. Being tough and telling yourself you can handle it has consequences.

So how do you fix this? For starters, you MUST stop managing it. Managing pain only 'kicks the can' down the road. It compounds the problem.

  • Pain causes your nervous system to think you are in a stressed state, even if you are not. This leads to all the problems a person in that state would experience. It's not fair - I know.

Yum! Propylene Glycol in my Ice Cream...

wide angle view of multiple different ice cream flavors, separated scoops of ice cream in bowls

I consider myself a connoisseur of ice cream. One of my favorite treats. The fact that I tend to be a little lactose intolerant has never stopped me from accepting an invitation. In fact, I can turn down almost any dessert, but ice cream remains victorious in every case. Well… until yesterday. Of all treats I generally expected ice cream to be less tampered with. I mean really…. how hard is this; milk, cream, sugar, eggs, vanilla. Can you imagine my surprise when I read the back of an admittedly “less expensive” ice cream and saw Propylene Glycol listed as an ingredient.

Better Attention?

child on beach with a globe sitting beside her, overactive imagination or ADD ADHD

A mother once came to me and asked if there was anything that can be done for her child that was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

(Everything I am about to say is intended to be taken in general terms. It is not a replacement for a specific evaluation and treatment program. Please do not be offended if it sounds like I am speaking to you. Each family circumstance is unique and I would not attempt to pass judgment on a difficult issue without out all the facts.)

Infants and Acid Reflux

Mother with baby newborn, skin to skin contact for healthy baby

A new mother once called me after a conversation with her sister, who was a patient in my office. Her sister had seen me adjusting as an infant and had mentioned this to her. Her baby was not eating and the doctors were considering putting her daughter on Prilosec for acid reflux. While I am fairly confident that killing the stomach acid of an infant will be effective in removing the symptoms, the question still remains: “Is it healthy to do so?” Stomach acid is required to absorb important nutrients.

Does Your Child Have One of the 4 A’s?

boy in a white shirt looks at his reflection in the mirror in the bathroom, adapting concept, autism, adhd, allergies, asthma adapting to change

Allergies, Autism, ADHD, or Asthma: What do these all have in common?

Chiropractic Care For Young Athletes? Absolutely!

Young male getting chiropractic treatment, young student athlete, poor posture correction

As a father of 3 competitive young gymnasts, I know something about this. I am not just their dad, I am their doctor too. Seeing your kids perform in athletics can be exciting and it’s fantastic for their development. However, it is also important to make sure they are performing in a way that is creating more health and not damaging it.

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