Dr. William Bond

Dr. BondFunctional Medicine

When I comes to your medical care, looking for and correcting the cause of your problem is far more rewarding and lasting than temporary solutions.

Functional Medicine is the discipline of using all available science and technology to find the cause and restoring your health with functional solutions, such as nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Certified Medical Examiner

I am available for DOT, FAA, and Sports physicals.

Who I am

When I was 21, I started seeing a holistic chiropractor who utilized chiropractic manipulation, nutrition, and dietary changes. Within three weeks, I noticed I felt “better”.

I started Chiropractic school shortly after this experience, so that could assist others to better and optimal health, using the treatment methods I received. That was 38 years ago. I am dedicated to assist others to find and obtain balance and optimal function in their life to whatever level they want to explore. The journey is exciting.

My wife Sandra and I have two children and the cutest grandchildren in all the world.

I look forward to meeting with you to assist you to achieve your optimal health goals.

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