COVID-19 Policies

Ada county issued a face covering ordinance. We will be using them when within 6 feet of you as asked, unless care can't be rendered with it in place, which is an acceptable exception. Some other notable exceptions also exist; young children, emotional concerns, and other health considerations. 

Please bring your own coverings. But don't miss your appointment over it, we have a few disposable masks if needed. Because there are significant exceptions and  nobody is required to disclose them due to privacy laws, please show consideration and courtesy if you see someone who is NOT wearing a mask. If you are concerned for yourself just ask us to help keep you distanced. We have a huge office and plenty of room to do so. Please also remember that nothing has changed in regards to your risk in our office. Just that greater caution is now being asked of us.  

Ada County does not required you to wear a mask during the entirety of the day,  just when within 6 feet of someone else or when that is probable, such as inside a public building.  This applies specifically to Ada county.  

If you are not sick, we feel strongly that many of our services can help you improve your response to an infection if it were to occur and would like to encourage you and your family to use them.  If would like to talk about it set up a consultation with us.

If you are sick, we ask that you not come to our office.  We have an option to visit with a provider though tele-appointments to get recommendations.

We have taken the following steps to keep our clinic clean, and greatly reduce risk.

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