CPTG Essential Oils

Our Doctors Know and Understand How to Use Essential Oils

We can show you how to support the care you receive in our office at home, using these powerful tools.

Use and SupportEssential Oils Introduction and Use Support

Members of our Foundations of Health program get an extra benefit. Each Wednesday at 12:00 (noon) we have a workshop available to learn how to use these powerful tools. It is located in the office. Attend as often as you need.

We even have a 3-oil introductory kit to give you when you first attend. ($30 value)

You can call or text Kristine directly if you have questions or to let her know you are coming. She is our essential oil specialist who will be helping you find solutions.  (703) 728-1774

This workshop is FREE for our Foundations of Health members!  ...and highly encouraged.


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