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The Path to Affordable Healthcare

When I first started my practice, I was motivated by the idea that I was going to help people make earlier and smarter decisions about their health. It was my valiant attempt to simplify and improve their healthcare experience. We actually ended up adding another dimension to their already busy and expensive lives.

Don’t get me wrong, we did a lot of good. But if I’m honest, we fell short of what I had envisioned—and what drove me to this path in the first place.

Trial and Error

Realizing that I’d gotten lost somewhere along the way, I spent the next 15 years experimenting with one idea or another to get back on track. I even tried an integrated approach, introducing a medical business into the same building to hopefully create convenience. None of it worked well. It all added expense for patients and families, and the whole process was dragged down by age-old conflicts and competitions present in the healthcare industry.

How Are Herbalism and Functional Medicine Different?

Many of the clients I work with have been treated with functional medicine in the past. It should be no surprise that one question I get is about how herbalism is different. Some people think that because herbalism and functional medicine both use natural substances that they are essentially the same. Although functional medicine providers might use herbs from time to time, and herbalists may recommend some supplements, the training and approaches are very different.

When a Chronic Illness Isn't an Illness

So often I meet with people who have had years of not feeling well. They have been through several medical doctors, including specialists. They have often met with other natural-minded providers such as naturopaths and functional medicine practitioners. They have had perhaps dozens of lab tests looking for medical conditions, deficiencies, DNA methylation, food sensitivities, parasites… and more. They have run dozens of tests, only to find out that there’s nothing medically wrong with you.

Preparing to Get Sick -- An Herbalist's View on COVID-19

I am frequently asked, “Which herbs can I use for COVID-19?” There’s a two-part answer to that question. The first is what you can do to decrease your chances of getting seriously ill. The second part is what you can do during an active COVID-19 infection. This post will focus on steps you take to prepare your body specifically for the issues COVID-19 seems to be causing.

My Typical Herbal Client

Let me describe a typical client for you. She’s been to doctors for years with concerns about fatigue, poor sleep, digestive problems - often bloating after eating and/or food sensitivities that are getting worse. She’s had a dozen blood tests without any positive results, including many standard blood panels and probably some combination of adrenal and thyroid tests. There really isn’t a test for brain fog.
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