Toby M. - Meridian, ID

Toby M - Meridian

I first started my treatments the fall of 2018, I was in fairly consistent pain at my left shoulder and neck, with my left hand and forearm going numb regularly. I didn't think we would ever get things turned around and feeling normal again. 

I was looking for a complete approach to my situation, not just a "quick fix",...  I found that complete, whole person approach to wellness at Evergreen Health Clinics.  All the doctors and staff have been great to work with and so helpful in laying out a good treatment plan to get me not just feeling better, but truly better. Thank you all for your help. 

...The pain is gone, and the numbness has left as well. I feel good and am improving range of motion in my shoulders and am excited to not have that nagging pain and numbness any longer.

I highly recommend you guys to anyone...

Thank you all again and look forward to continued complete health and wellness!

See you again soon,

Toby M. - Meridian, ID

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